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Greetings, I'm Art Raine and I have been collecting decoys, folkart and antiques for the past 25 years. I started this business, Raine's Tavern, in 2006 and have met and become friends with many of our fellow collectors. I look forward to assisting you build or adding to your collection. Art

"Decoys are in all original condition. Any issues will be noted in description write-up."
March 28, 2017

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  • Joe Kralic
  • Lloyd Tyler Pintail 1930's
  • Lloyd Tyler Pintail 1930's
  • Lloyd Tyler Pintail 1930's
  • diver ducks Chesapeake Bay
  • Lloyd Tyler Pintail 1930's
  • Widgeon
  • Oliver Lawson Buffleheads
  • Maryland Skipjack Race
  • Maryland Skipjack Race
  • Ira Skees
  • Raine's Tavern 1864
  • Chesapeake Bay Crabs

Ciger Daisey

See you at the East
Coast Decoy Collectors Buy, Sell and Swap April 7 & 8th, 2017. Saint Michaels, MD Best Western motel




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Oyster cans


. "I offer lay-away and payment plans". 
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Pete Peterson

Good time visiting with Pete Peterson in Cape Charles, VA

Duck House

Oliver Lawson and the"Duck House"
pages 8,9 and 10

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Decoy Magazine Nov/Dec 2010 Written by Art Raine


refuge Museum

A good read regarding "Cigar" Daisey can be found in Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine Volume 9 March-April 2009

My name is Art Raine and I reside on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The actual Raine’s Tavern, better known as McLean house, is in Appomattox, Va. This is where the “war between the states” came to an end. For more history you can visit here.
Raine's Tavern
Timothy O' Sullivan's 1865 series: the McLean House, formerly the "New " Raine Tavern, with Wilmer McLean's two younger children and two servant girls on the porch. (National Archives)

Zack Jester

Zack working in his shop on Chincoteague Island.

Give America a chance!





Picking up some folkart on Chincoteague with Ronald Justis.

Reg Birch

Reg Birch painting his "Shell Duck"Nov 2012


Oliver Lawson

Oliver Lawson-Crisfield, MD

Rich Smoker
Rich Smoker, Somerset County MD. shares his World winning Black Duck that displayed in Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC.

Decoy magazine Add

Goose On The Roof


Goose On The Roof

Oliver lawson

Oliver Lawson holding his Mallard pair he made in 1969.

Easton MD  2014


Easton 2015

Art with Ian McNair and his carvings at Easton Waterfowl Festival

Cigar Daisey

Delbert "Cigar" Daisey holding his early 70's Black Duck. Carved two-piece from Cottonwood.

Lawson Mallards

Malard pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD

Bill Gibian

Bill Gibian in his shop carving a Dowitcher.


Chance and Art gunning on the Chesapeake.

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James Corbett Reed

The Ward World Championship, 1976
Paul Marshall (left) Lem Ward (center) James Corb Reed (right)

Wildfowl Art Magazine Winter 2010, The Ward Museum

Cigar daisey
Art and Cigar with a Yellowlegs Cig made 50 years ago.

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