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Cameron McIntyre Cameron McIntyre
Cameron McIntyre Golden Plover by Cameron McIntyre, Pitts Creek, Va. Hollow carved and CTM incised underneath.  This Plover was created in 2002 and rest on Cameron's stand.  Outstanding oil paint and patina. $1400. Cameron McIntyre
Ronald Justis Ronald Justis
Ronald justis
Pintail drake by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague,  Va. 2014. Cedar carved solid body lifesize Sprigtail. Great form with a pinched breast. Ronald's finish is spot on and scratch paint technique is an outstanding addition. Signed and dated. Sold. Ronald Justis
Ward Bros Ward Bros
Ward bros

Pair of 1/4 size Pintails by Lem and Steve Ward, Crisfield, Md. circa 1960s. These decoys measure approx 9 inches in length.  Excellent paint as only the Wards could do. Nice raised primary feathers and slightly turned heads.  Both are signed and roughness on tip of Drakes sprig. Outstanding pair for $1500.
Ward Bros
bob_mcgaw bob_mcgaw
Miniature Bluebill by Robert (Bob) McGaw (1879-1958) Havre De Grace,MD. Original carving, circa.1950, measures, approx.5 and 3/4 inches long. Drake has a hairline crack in neck. Drake rests on Walnut base, felt was applied to bottom of base. Great patina highlights the outstanding paint patterns. $475. bob_mcgaw
Ed Itter Ed Itter
Ed Itter
New Jersey shore Ruddy Turnstone by Ed Itter. Great carving and paint by Ed. Lots of feather detail and raised primaries. This Shorebird has glass eyes, wire legs and stands on a Jersey Cypress knee base. Signed on bottom, this Ruddy Turnstone is $375. Ed Itter
Mark McNair Mark Mcnair
Mark Mcnair

Ruddy Duck by Mark McNair, Craddockville, Va. One of the most popular decoys Mark creates. This 10 inch long sleek "dollar duck" has Mark's unique finish and patina applied. This decoy is weighted and McNair is incised under bottom. $1,150.

Mark Mcnair
Curtis Waterfield Curtis Waterfield
Curtis Waterfield

Sand Piper by Curtis Waterfield, Va Beach, Va. 1982. Very fine and delicate looking shirebird in a snuggle or content pose. Nice soft paint tones highlight this little (5 inch long by 5 1/2 inch tall) Sandpiper. She has raised primary wings and stands on one wire leg with one leg tucked. Signed and dated under wood base. $295.

Curtis Waterfield
Cigar Daisey Cigar Daisey
Cigar Daisey
Ruddy Duck by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague,VA circa 1990. This Ruddy is "best grade" by Cigar. A lot of wing and feather carving details. Glass eyes and feather details on face. This bird was never rigged but stamped and signed. Cigar's work is highly sought after and in demand. $850. Cigar Daisey
Ed Wozney Ed Wozney
Ed Wozney
Elegant Dove by Eddie Wozney, Cambridge, MD. A sleek and soft Dove measuring 12 inches in length. This beautiful carving rest on a branch that hangs on your wall. A dowel insert allows you the choice of positioning of Dove. This carving is signed and dated 1989. Eddie is typically "SOLD OUT"at Easton Waterfowl on the first day of the show. Here is a great opportunity to acquire an original for $650. Ed Wozney
Bill Gibian Bill Gibian
Bill Gibian

Greater Yellowlegs, Bill Gibian, Onancock, Va. Slightly turned head with bill incised thru head. Measures 13.5 inches, bill-tail. Relief wing carving and separated primaries. Very nice and original. $700.

Bill Gibian
Wildfowler Wildfowler
Pintail pair by Wildfowler Decoy, Quoque, NY. (1958-1961.) This matched pair of Pintails are made of Balsa wood and stamped Wildfowler Decoys,Quoque, NY. Wildfowler moved from Old Saybrook, CT. after the 1957 fire. This pair has minimal dings and wear. A nice rare Pintail pair for $650. Wildfowler
Mark McNair Mark McNair

Virgina Peep by Mark McNair. A fantastic Virginia shorebird that shows shot scars from the "turn of the century" hunts. This new Peep has a well aged patina that Mr. McNair is renowned for. Inserted bill through head and large M under tail. This bird measures 7.5 inches bill to tail. $675. Mark McNair
Grayson Chesser Grayson Chesser
Grayson Chesser
Green winged Teal pair by Grayson Chesser, Jenkins Bridge, VA. circa 1990's. This gunning rig pair of Teal is in excellent condition with only a few paint, rub marks (hen's lower bill). "C" carved in underside of both. $675 Grays on Chesser
Cigar Daisy Cigar Daisey
Cigar Daisey
Dowitcher by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey (1928- ) Chincoteague, VA. This shorebird measures 9 inches, bill to tail and stands 10.5 inches on it's clam shell base. Great provenance for this Dowitcher by the world famous decoy maker, trapper, gunner and legend. This bird was made for and displayed in the Chincoteague Decoy Museum for many years. Own a piece of Chincoteague decoy history for only $750. Cigar Daisey
Ward Bros. Ward Bros.
Ward Bros.
Canvasback Drake by the Ward Bros.,Crisfield, MD. Circa 1951. Signed by Steve Ward. This balsa wood carved nine inch long miniature is in excellent condition and exhibits the classic Ward "Gunning bird"style. This sixty year antique decoy is a great investment by the Crisfield Md. Sold. Ward Bros.
Ira Hudson Ira Hudson
Ira Hudson

Bufflehead pair by Ira Hudson (1873-1949) Chincoteague, Va.Circa. 1930's. This rare species is in worn condition but is a matched rigmate pair. There may be nicer Hudson football bodied Bufflehead examples in collections but, would be very hard to find a matched pair. This pair has fluted tails and rusty tack eyes. Appears to have some old working paint but again, how many matched rigmate Bufflehead pairs have been available in the past 10 years? A fine addition to a Virginia or Bufflehead decoy collection. $3,500.

Ira Hudson
Virginia Goose Virginia Goose
Virginia Goose
Unknown Canada Goose- miniature. North Hampton County,
VA Circa 1950's. Excellent old paint with patina and heart-shaped wing carving on back. Small cracks in neck, tack eyes and a carved bill. Six inches long bill to tail. Nice folky miniature carving. Sold.
Virginia Goose
Rocky Detwiler Rocky Detwiler
Rocky Detwiler

Hooded Merganser by Rocky Detwiler, Chincoteague, Va. 2009. This life-size decoy is finely carved. Extremely detailed feathering with raised primary feathers. The Assateague lighthouse is drawn under bottom near signature. A very nice Chincoteague decoy for $325.

Rocky Detwiler
Cigar Daisey Cigar Daisey
Cigar Daisey

Curlew by "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, Va. Circa 1960's. Curlews are large shorebirds, this decoy measures approx 16 inches long, bill to tail. A great near 50 year dry flat patina. CIGAR stamped and signiature under belly. A great old shorebird by the 86 year old Island legend. $1400

Cigar Daisey
Mark McNair
Mark Mcnair

Blue Winged Teal by Mark McNair, Craddockville, Va. Nice carved and painted drake by one of the worlds finest makers. This solid body Teal is weighted and has tack eyes. McNair is incised under bottom. A stylish carving that has been aged for only $1,150.

Mark McNair
Oliver lawson Oliver lawson
Oliver lawson
Shoveler pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, Md. 1955.  A rare and early miniature pr by the Crisfield master. This pair was made for Kitty Cummings and her Duck House shop in Rumbly, Md. Note the early "jelly jar" label which she used in the 1950's. ( see Decoy Magazine issue Nov / Dec 2010 for more info. regarding the Duck House) $900.
Oliver lawson
Oliver Lawson Oliver Lawson
Oliver Lawson

Miniature blue Winged Teal by Oliver Lawson. This 6.5 inch carving was made about 1955 when Oliver was at the age of 16 years. One of the earliest decoys available by the Crisfield, Md legend. Outstanding condition and rare. Mr. Lawson signed and dated his carving in 2006. Someone had previously mistakenly written "LT Ward" and signed Steve. This Balsa wood Teal hen is $300.

Oliver Lawson
George Strunk George Strunk
George Strunk

Robin Snipe/Red Knott by George Strunk, Glendora, N.J. This shorebird was carved and painted by George in 2012. Very soft and fine feather pattern by George highlighting the raised wings. George used glass eyes on this bird and has signed his name and added his stamp on the underside. $450.00

George Strunk
Lloyd Tyler Lloyd Tyler
Lloyd Tyler
Green Winged Teal by J. Lloyd Tyler (1898-1970) Crisfield, MD. This Teal carving is all original and in very nice condition for approx. 60 years old. Some of the putty filler on thighs is missing but legs are firmly attached to body and base. Elaborate wing carving, and realism are very eye appealing. This carving stands about 7.5 inches tall and is available for $950. Lloyd Tyler
Danny Marshall Danny Marshall
Danny Marshall
Canvasback pair by Danny Marshall, Chincoteague, VA. 1985. This approx. 8 inch long pair has a stipple texture paint pattern on Drake's back and both have glass eyes. Mr. Marshall is a retired Game Warden and hunting guide who studied under Lem and Steve Ward. Danny was raised near Saxis, VA. which is south of Crisfield, MD. across the Pocomoke Sound. These are decoys are stamped, signed and dated. Sold. Danny Marshall
Frank Finney Frank Finney
Frank Finney
Nathen Cobb Black Duck, Cobb Island VA. by Frank Finney. This two piece hollow decoy portrays the realism of its 100 + year old namesake. This decoy was exhibited in the Chincoteague Decoy Museum for many years. Own this museum quality decoy.
Frank Finney
Decoys deluxe Decoys deluxe
Decoys deluxe

Decoys Deluxe, Morrison, IL. ca. 1939-1940's. These factory decoys were produced from live birds preserved through taxidermy. Decoys Deluxe were produced only in the Mallard species. $400

Information obtained from North American Factory Decoys 2003, Kenneth L. Trayer. Reyart Publishing


Decoys deluxe
Madison Mitchel Madison Mitchel
Madison Mitchel
Canvasback pair by R. Madison Mitchell (1901-1993) Havre De Grace, MD. "Kings of the Chesapeake", as the Canvasback has been referred. Mr Mitchell was the most prolific maker of decoys up and down the bay. This drake is signed and dated, using Electra pen, 1958, by Mr. Mitchell. Great majestic pair with a small soft spot and dent on hens right side. $550. Madison Mitchel
Miles Hancock Miles Hancock
Miles Hancock
Miniature Mallard by the Chincoteague,Va. legend, Miles Hancock. Circa 1967. This 6.5 inch long, and 3.5 inch tall Mallard is a fine early carving by Mr. Miles. Raised wings and scratch paint with small tack eyes are some of Mr. Hancock's finer attributes to his "special" carvings. This decoy was not signed or dated which indicates to me that it is an earlier model and not returned to the maker for a signature. $200. Miles Hancock
Delbert Hudson Delbert Hudson
Delbert Hudson
Delbert Hudson, Chincoteague, VA (B. 1927 D.1979) Black Duck made around 1945 in all original condition. Head and bill are carved from redwood (redwood could only have been from a screen door purchased at a hardware store). Scratch paint and head paint patterns are similar to those of Charles Jester from the 20's and 30's in my opinion. Cracks in neck are firm, this bird is 100%. $450. Delbert Hudson

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