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Ronald Justis Ronald Justis
Ronald Justis
Wren and Chickadee carvings by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 2016. These one of a kind carvings by Ronald are life sized standing on a finial base. Approximately 4 inches tall. Glass eyes and RJ carved under tail. Sale Pending. Ronald Justis
Doug Jester Doug Jester
Doug Jester
BlackDuck, S.Douglas Jester (1876-1961) Chincoteague, VA. Circa: 1940's. Carved from Cottonwood with a hand chopped head nailed to body. Excellent condition with very nice scratch paint. Old collection numbers under bottom. From a fine Eastern Shore collection. $750. Doug Jester
Pete Peterson Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson
Bluebill/Scaupe pr by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles,  VA. 1990. Two piece slightly hollowed bodies with a North Hampton County VA raised/shelf neck and head. Very nice. Made for the T. O'Connor collection. Sale Pending.
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson
Green Winged Teal pr by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles, VA. Very nice gunning decoys formerly from the collection of Sommers G. Hedley and so branded. Older model by PETE and branded. Sale Pending. Pete Peterson
Cigar Daisey Cigar Daisey
Cigar Daisey
Brant by Delbert "Cigar" Daisey, Chincoteague, VA. 1971. An excellent swimming pose gunning decoy. Cork body with a bottom board. Keel has been removed. Signed stamped and dated. $850. Cigar Daisey
Mark McNair Mark McNair
Mark McNair
Godwit shorebird by Mark McNair. Beautiful sculpture measures approximately 13.5 inches long.  Carved eyes and raised wings with outstanding painted plumage. The patina is soft and mellow. "McNair" incised under bottom. McNair stand included. Sold. Mark McNair
I Mcnair I Mcnair
I Mcnair
Gunning Ruddy Duck by Ian McNair, Charlottesville, VA. Nice solid, fat Ruddy with a real patina. I McNair carved under bottom .This gunner has been gunned over. Out of a fine rig from Virginia. 7.5 inches tall. $450.
I Mcnair
Grayson Chesser Grayson Chesser
Grayson Chesser Widgeon pr. by Grayson Chesser, Sanford, VA. This is the real deal here. Gunning pair that's never seen the shelf. Carved "C" under bottom. Drake has fine crack in bill but solid. From a gunning rig out of Virginia. $700. Grayson Chesser
Oliver Lawson Oliver lawson
Oliver Lawson
Bluebill pair by Oliver Lawson, Crisfield, MD. 1983. Solid bodies carved from Cedar and painted with oils. Mint condition. Mr. Lawson started visiting and learning from the Ward Brothers in the 1950's. $1175. Oliver lawson
Cigar Daisey Cigar Daisey
Cigar Daisey
Ruddy Duck hen by Delbert "Cigar" Daisy, Chincoteague, Va.Signed and stamped. Cute hen with carved primaries and tail feathers. A very nice Cigar Ruddy for $650. Cigar Daisey
bob_mcgaw bob_mcgaw
Miniature Bluebill by Robert (Bob) McGaw (1879-1958) Havre De Grace,MD. Original carving, circa.1950, measures, approx.5 and 3/4 inches long. Drake has a hairline crack in neck. Drake rests on Walnut base, felt was applied to bottom of base. Great patina highlights the outstanding paint patterns. $475. bob_mcgaw
Frank Finney Frank Finney
Frank Finney
Nathen Cobb Black Duck, Cobb Island VA. by Frank Finney. This two piece hollow decoy portrays the realism of its 100 + year old namesake. This decoy was exhibited in the Chincoteague Decoy Museum for many years. Own this museum quality decoy.
Frank Finney
Cigar Daisy Cigar Daisey
Cigar Daisey
Dowitcher by Delbert "Cigar"Daisey, Chincoteague, VA circa 1980's. Made for John Maddox and the Chincoteague Decoy Museum. Shorebird is stamped and signed and displays on a clamshell base. Sale Pending. Cigar Daisey
Pete peterson Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson
Excellent 30 year old Bufflehead pair by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles, VA. Signed dated and rigged. Sale Pending.
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson
Sanderling by Pete Peterson, Cape Charles,VA. 2000. This little shorebird stands about 6 inches tall and is about 6 inches long, Bill to tail. Sale Pending. Pete Peterson
Ronald Justis Ronald Justis
Ronald Justis
Dowitcher shorebird by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. Outstanding oil painting. Bird rest on a piece of coral and stands about 8 inches tall. Signed and stamped under tail. Sale Pending. Ronald Justis
Mark McNair Mark Mcnair
Mark McNair Canvasback by Mark McNair and Ian McNair. 2008. Slightly hollowed body with accented primaries. Made for Eastern Shore VA Ducks Unlimited.  Measures about 16 inches long, Bill to tail. Nice aged patina applied to the gray on the back. $1200. Mark Mcnair
Canvas back
Canvasback pair from Havre de Grace, MD. Carved by Paul Gibson.  Nice pair of "Kings of the Chesapeake" gunning birds.  $450. canvasback
Delbert Hudson Delbert Hudson
Delbert Hudson
Delbert Hudson, Chincoteague, VA (B. 1927 D.1979) Black Duck made around 1945 in all original condition. Head and bill are carved from redwood (redwood could only have been from a screen door purchased at a hardware store). Scratch paint and head paint patterns are similar to those of Charles Jester from the 20's and 30's in my opinion. Cracks in neck are firm, this bird is 100%. $200. Delbert Hudson
Ralph Reed Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed
A very nice pheasant by Ralph Reed Chincoteague, Va. Circa. 1970's. A great find off the island. Mr Reed lived on Ocean Blvd and made and sold carvings during the 1960s 70s and mid 80s. This pheasant is in excellent condition and stands 8 inches tall. $175 Ralph Reed
Charles Clark Charles Clark
Charles Clark
Bluebill by Charles Clark, Chincoteague,VA circa early 1900's. Mr. Clark was a boat builder, note the boat hull similarities on his decoy body. Charles Clark Shorebirds tend to be found more so than ducks. Mr. Clark made decoys for hunting parties at the Russell Hotel, on Chincoteague, owned by William Mathews in the late 1800's. This heavy and large decoy is about 15 inches long bill to tail. Crack through neck but firm and some filler missing on head and neck. $1300. Charles Clark
William Kennedy William Kennedy
William Kennedy
Sleeper Canvasback by William Kennedy (formerly from Havre De Grace, MD. Great form with sleek lines, this hollow two-piece decoy had square nails attaching top and bottom. Wide through the hips (7.5 inches).Bill, a former MD State trooper has worked with and known some of the Upper Bay makers such as Paul Gibson and Madison Mitchell. $ 450.
William Kennedy
Josiah Travers Josiah Travers
Josiah Travers
Black Duck by Josiah Travers, (1900-1965) Vienna, MD. This cork body Black Duck, circa 1950, has pine wood carved head and a pine bottom board. Mr. Travers made Black Ducks and Canada Geese out of cork. He used extensive wing carving as evident on this Black Duck. $175. Josiah Travers
Ed Itter Ed Itter
Ed Itter
New Jersey shore Ruddy Turnstone by Ed Itter. Great carving and paint by Ed. Lots of feather detail and raised primaries. This Shorebird has glass eyes, wire legs and stands on a Jersey Cypress knee base. Signed on bottom, this Ruddy Turnstone is $325. Ed Itter
Rocky Detwiler Rocky Detwiler
Rocky Detwiler

Hooded Merganser by Rocky Detwiler, Chincoteague, Va. 2009. This life-size decoy is finely carved. Extremely detailed feathering with raised primary feathers. The Assateague lighthouse is drawn under bottom near signature. A very nice Chincoteague decoy for $295.

Rocky Detwiler
Decoys deluxe Decoys deluxe
Decoys deluxe

Decoys Deluxe, Morrison, IL. ca. 1939-1940's. These factory decoys were produced from live birds preserved through taxidermy. Decoys Deluxe were produced only in the Mallard species. $300

Information obtained from North American Factory Decoys 2003, Kenneth L. Trayer. Reyart Publishing


Decoys deluxe
Zack Ward Zack Ward
Zack Ward
Goldeneye decoy pair by the late Zack Ward, Crisfield, Md. Circa 2000. Gunning birds made in the Crisfield school style by Zack, a cousin to his better known relatives, Lem and Steve Ward. These Goldeneyes are hollowed, rigged and painted with oils. "Z" carved under body. $275. Zack Ward
Grayson Chesser Grayson Chesse
Grayson Chesse
Canvasback Drake by Grayson Chesser, Sanford,  VA. 2016. Mint  Canvasback with a highly detailed head and bill. Nice comb painting on a full hollowed body. Signed and dated, carved C under bottom. Sold. Grayson Chesse
Cameron McIntyre Cameron McIntyr
Cameron McIntyr
Widgeon drake by Cameron McIntyre, New Church, VA. Outstanding and excellent decoy by one of the world's finest and most popular artist. A hollow carved decoy with a slightly turned head. Has a fine "snakey" neck and head style. Comb painting on back and a soft patina. Sold. Cameron McIntyr
Ronald Justis Ronald Justis
Ronald Justis
Sanderling shorebird by Ronald Justis, Chincoteague, VA. 2016. A 6 inch long carving, Bill to tail. Feeding pose standing on an Assateague Channeled Whelk shell base. Painted in oils and signed on bottom. Cute realistic shorebird. Sold. Ronald Justis

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